Flag Football Plays

Who said you have to be in a proper football team or have to play it for fulfilling your desire of playing football? Haven't you heard of flag football? Allow me to tell you. Flag football is a version of football, which is not as aggressive and risky as American Football. It is equal fun though. Flag football is played in almost the same way as mainstream football. The major difference is that there is no tackling. The football field, the equipment, everything is the same. The flag football players too have to practice through drills and various plays. So if your idea of football is not to have a person double your weight jumping on you, you can check out flag football plays! Plays and Drills for Flag Football Like any other sport or any skill for that matter, practice is the key and this is what the flag football plays serve the purpose of. Presenting to you some of them. Flag Football Play #1 The first of those basic plays for flag football is slants. These emphasize on quick pass plays. In this play, the receiver has to take 3 steps, planting their outside foot on the third step and then he has to cut across the center of the field at a 45 degree angle. This is followed by the quarterback throwing the ball to him when he edges past a step from the defender. Flag Football Play #2 Touch flag football is another game in flag football which can help the flag football players sharpen their skills. This is one of those plays which gives scope for more contact amongst the players on the field. Here, the important thing to remember is to avoid blocking below the waist, as per the rules. In this one, from a number of free flag football plays, the linemen in each team will attempt to block for the running back or perhaps the quarterback. They can use their hands for blocking the other player. The offensive players too, may block defenders using their hands. Flag Football Play #3 Another running play in flag football plays is dive. This can also be amongst those youth flag football plays. The players, the center and the guards, specifically, look to clear a hole in the center. At the same time, the quarterback hands the ball off or passes it to the running back. The running back then makes a run for the middle with the ball. Flag Football Play #4 In this one amongst flag football plays, only the quarterback can pass unless he is handling the ball. Although, the quarterback cannot pass the line of scrimmage when he is in possession of the ball. Or in other cases, if his team is penalized. One blitz per possession is allowed in a few games. If the center snaps the ball into the ground or the quarterback fails to catch it, the coach will declare 'lose a down'. Flag Football Play #5 Ever wondered what is a quarterback sneak? Let me tell you. A quarterback sneak can be done in a couple of ways. First, the quarterback can run forward the moment he gets the ball on the snap. The another option is that the quarterback can drop back pretending as if he is going to pass. He will actually then run forward. Wasn't that sneaky and cool? All these are good ones and pretty effective ones while looking at flag football plays. If you search for them, you will easily find flag football plays for free. A few more of them are 7 on 7 flag football plays, 8 on 8 flag football plays, corners and power. In case you are interested in knowing team names see - flag football team names to choose some names. Ultimately, you can have any of these flag football plays, it does not matter which one. What matters is that the craft is being chiseled and the participants or the players have a ball of a time! Have fun!